Codification and Data

This page allows you to track and manage the progress of your data codification through an Interactive Report. The options in the report allow you to transcribe, codify and view your data codification.

* Data can only be codified once it is in the same project.

** You must access the Codification page to edit the text of your transcriptions.

Interactive Report

This report gives you a quick overview of all your codification. The information displayed in the report is detailed here.

* Visit the Interactive Report page to learn more about the features of these reports.


A data status can either be Transcription not started, Transcription in progress, Transcription defective, Transcription completed, Codification in progress or Codification completed.


The data that can be processed in a qualitative project can either be a Transcript, Project Log, Video or Audio band.


Displays the title of the file.


Shows the size of the file.


The last one shows the total number of text fragments that have been codified in a document.

Codified by

This column shows the user currently in charge of a file codification.

Important! The actions available to a user will depend on whether the document codification is assigned to him/her. All team members can view the codification of a document, but only the user assigned to its codification can code in it. The same principle applies for automatic transcription.

By default, the user who adds the file is automatically assigned to its codification; however, the project owner or its substitute, the project researcher, can change the person assigned to the codification of a document using the Advanced Options on the Codification page.

Added by & Added on

Those two columns display the name of the user who added the data to the project and the date on which it was added.

Edited by & Edited on

Those columns display the name of the last user who worked on the data and the date on which these changes were made.


This column is optional and only appears if a reference has been saved.


The last column of the report allows you to Launch Transcription, Codify Data or View the Codification of your data. The display of these options depends on the document and your privileges. The Launch Transcription option is only available if your data has not already been transcribed. The Codify Data option is only displayed for the text data whose codification has been assigned to you. All project members who are not assigned to the codification of a data can use the View Codification option on any data for which a codification is in progress or is completed.

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