Codification Report

The Codification Report lists the codified text fragments and independent variables set in your project. The exact reference for each item can be found in the Fragment column of the report, at the end of the line. There are two different types of references: one for independent variables and one for regular codified text fragments.

  1. The independent variable reference format features the document title and the year in which the document was added to the project.
  2. The reference format for text fragments includes the title of the document the year in which the document was added to the project, and the number of the paragraph (§) in which the fragment is located. 

The Codification Report can either display all the text excerpts that have been codified in your project or only the text excerpts codified in a single document. The Codification Report option of the Dashboard menu gives you access to all the codified excerpts of your project.

You can access the codified text excerpts of a specific document by clicking on the Codification Report option of the Codification and Data page.

Either way, the Codification Report allows you to conduct queries and retrieve data much faster than if you were trying to find information by browsing the documents. Both pages feature two functionalities: Export and View in Text.


This option only allows the project owner to download the codified text excerpts displayed in the Codification Report in HTML or CSV format.

View in Text

The View in Text option redirects you to the Codification page, where can see the text excerpt that you selected in its original context. This option is unavailable for leaves of independent variables.

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