Codification Tree Management

The Codification Tree Management page allows you to manage your codification tree and the text excerpts that make up your codification. The options featured on this page are divided into three different menus: Navigation, Codification Tree, and Advanced Options. This page also includes a summary of your codification and a theorizing tool.

This page can be viewed either in single document or whole codification mode.

  • Single document mode can be accessed through the Codification page. Only the text excerpts codified in the selected document will be displayed within that mode.
  • The whole codification mode can be accessed through the Codification Tree option in the Dashboard menu. All codified text fragments will then be shown.

* Modifications made to the codification tree in either view mode (e.g.: deleting a branch, adding a root) will affect your whole codification.

Navigation Menu

The Navigation menu is located in the upper left corner of your screen. Its options allow you to control the content displayed in the Interactive Codification Tree menu by folding or unfolding its components.

Codification Tree Interactive Menu

The Codification Tree Interactive menu is located on the left side of your screen, under the Navigation menu. It allows you to edit your tree’s components and view the text fragments of your codification.

This menu allows you to quickly reorder elements of your tree by dragging and dropping them.

* You can only reorder an element by dragging and dropping it within the boundary of its parent: a leaf within its branch, a branch within its root, and a root within the other roots. 

When you click on a component of your codification tree, a menu allowing you to edit its properties appears.

* Merging an element with another component of your tree will lead to its deletion and the transfer of all its related elements to this other component. Independent variables cannot be merged, and all leaves related to an independent variable cannot be merged or moved.

The text excerpts associated to a leaf can be displayed by clicking on the “Fragments” tab under the title’s form.

The text fragments will then be displayed in an interactive report in which you can edit or delete the information related to the text excerpts by accessing the Edit Fragment menu.


Advanced Options Menu

Most options in this menu are critical. That is why only the project owner or researcher can access them.

Add to the Tree

This option allows all project members to add roots, branches and leaves to the project’s Codification Tree.

Lock/Unlock the Codification Tree

This option allows the project owner to lock or unlock your Codification Tree.

By default, the Codification Tree status is set to “unlock.” Locking the Codification Tree will make it impossible for you and your research partners to make any change to its structure. Data can still be codified while the Codification Tree is locked, and a locked Codification Tree can be unlocked at any time.

* The status of your Codification Tree is displayed in the Codification Summary.

Reassign the Codification Tree

All project members can add temporary components to the Codification Tree, but only the project owner can validate its structure and make permanent components; however, the project owners can delegate their design privileges to any of their project partners with the Reassign the Codification Tree option.

This appointed user will then manage the project’s Codification Tree on behalf of the project owner.

The project owner can change the person assigned to the management of the Codification Tree at any time.

Restart the Codification

This option allows the project owner to restart the project’s codification without damaging its Codification Tree as it will delete all the codified text excerpts in the project without altering its structure.

Enter RESTART to validate your choice and launch the deleting process.

* Caution: The codified text excerpts of your project’s codification cannot be brought back once it has been restarted.

Delete both the Tree and Codification

This option allows the project owner to delete both the Codification Tree and the codified text fragments of the project.

Enter DELETE to validate your choice and launch the deleting process.

* Caution: The Codification Tree and codified text fragments cannot be brought back once they have been deleted.

Codification Summary

The Codification Summary is located on the right side of your screen, below the Advanced Options menu. It displays important information regarding who is in charge of the Codification Tree and its status. It also gives a quick overview of the progress of the project’s codification.

Theorization Tool

The Theorization tool is both a network chart that represents the project’s Codification Tree and a management tool allowing the project owner to edit its components and quickly reassess their relations.

The Theorization Tool has three main components:

  1. Menu
  2. Network chart
  3. Legend


The Theorization Tool menu has the following six options.


The Expand option will enlarge the Theorization Tool area in the Codification Tree interactive menu, making it easier to view the whole project Codification Tree.

Zoom – / +

Those two options allow you to reduce and enlarge the size of the network chart in the Theorization Tool.


The Refresh option will instantly regenerate and recenter the network chart region.


The Export option will launch the download of an image copy of the project’s network chart.

Enter Reparent Mode

Entering the Reparent mode will allow you to quickly draw new relations between the project’s tree components.

While in the Reparent mode, click on a component and draw a new relation between it and its new parent to have it transferred.

The same parenting rules apply in this mode as in the whole application:

  1. It is impossible to reparent the Orphan Branch.
  2. Regular leaves cannot be transferred to an Independent Variable.
  3. The leaves of an Independent Variable cannot be reparented.

Network Chart

The Network Chart is a graphical representation of how all the components of your Codification Tree are interconnected through nodes and link.

The main advantage of this tool is that it allows you to easily identify significant relationships within your coding tree by highlighting node clusters and relation density between concepts. It also allows you to quickly navigate within your Codification Tree.

  1. Double-clicking on a tree component within the chart will allow you to edit its proprieties through the Edit form.
  2. Components can be moved within the chart by dragging and dropping them.
  3. The chart can be resized by using your mouse wheel button.
  4. You can navigate quickly within the chart by holding down the left button on your mouse and moving your cursor.


The Legend is located between is located below the Network Chart. It explains the meaning of the figures appearing in the Network Chart.

* Leaves will be displayed in their own color within the navigation chart.

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