I have canceled my project PayPal’s subscription, but my project remains active in LiGRE, why is that?

Subscriptions have a duration of 30 days in LiGRE. Once paid, a project remains active until the next payment date. If this next payment cannot be made for one reason or another (e.g., you have canceled your PayPal subscription), the project status will be automatically changed to “expired.”

It is important to note that it is impossible to export the data and the results of an expired project. You have until the expiration date of the project (which, if you have canceled your subscription, will equal to the next payment date) to export your results in CSV format, after which you will not be able to do it anymore unless you choose to archive your project.

Archiving a project is free and has several benefits. You keep a copy of your data on LiGRE, and you can download them at will. Also, an archived project can be reopened at any time, subject to a fee.

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