Independent Variables

Independent variables are mainly used to code relevant information about respondents that cannot necessarily be found directly in the verbatim’s content. They can also be used in the analytical tool to quantify and measure their effects on other variables. There are no predefined independent variables in LiGRE. Users have to define them, but they can set as many as they want.

Independent variables are created through a two-step process. They first need to be opened and, then, populated.

An independent variable is opened by creating a branch and checking the “Independent Variable” option box below the Branch Name field.

Independent variables are populated the same way as any other branch, that is, by adding leaves to them.

Independent variables and their leaves will be colored with a light shade of gray in your coding tree to make them apparent.


Independent variables are different from regular branches in that text excerpts cannot be associated with their leaves. As a result, they cannot be selected in the Codification menu.

* The Codification menu only features the regular leaves of your coding tree.

Values can only be added to independent variable manually, by selecting one or several of its leaves through the “Independent Variables” option on the Codification page.


* The “Independent Variables” option on the Codification page also allows you to edit and delete the values of the independent variables.

A text fragment will be created for each independent variable set for a document.

Text fragments of independent variables cannot be viewed in the text.

* No existing branches can be turned into independent variables. Independent variables can only be set upon their creation and, once created, the leaves of an independent variable can be edited like any other leaf but cannot be moved into another independent variable or branch.

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