Qualitative Dashboard

The project dashboard is at the heart of your project. It lists the parameters of your project and allows you to access the application’s tools, track your progress and quickly obtain some vital information.

The Qualitative Dashboard has six components:

  • Dashboard Menu
  • Project Image
  • Project Description
  • Project Team
  • Storage Space
  • Transcription Time

Each of these components is detailed below.

Dashboard Menu

The Dashboard menu is located on the left side of your project’s dashboard. It gives you access to your qualitative tools and to the advanced options of your project.

* The Dashboard menu can be hidden by clicking the “Hide Menu” button located in the upper left-hand corner of your screen.

The qualitative options featured in the Dashboard menu are:

  • Add Data
    • Copy/Paste
    • Audio
    • Video
    • Video-Sharing Website
  • Codification
    • Codification and Data
    • Automatic Codification
    • Codification Report
  • Tree
    • Import Tree
    • Codification Tree
  • Analysis
    • Recurrence Analysis
    • Pivot Table
    • Leaf Cloud
  • Public Page
    • Public Page Management
    • View Public Page

* Not all options are available when you first view your project’s dashboard. The other options will unlock as you perform specific operations such as adding data or coding.

The advanced options featured in the Dashboard menu are:

  • Members
  • Latest Activities
  • Project Information
  • Recycle Bin
  • Archive Project

Project Image

An image is automatically assigned to each project created within LiGRE. This image works, for a lack of better words, as your project’s avatar. It can be edited by clicking on the Edit Image icon located in the upper right-hand corner of the image.

Project Description

Project Description is located right under Project Image. At first, it will only show the title and description that you defined when you created your project. You can edit this information and add new information by clicking on the Edit Project Information icon.

Project Team

The project’s team is displayed in the upper left-hand corner of your Project Dashboard. It lists the members of your team and their role.

* Invitations are sent by clicking on the “Add Member” button. You can send an invitation to any person, whether they have a LiGRE account or not. A non-member will be required to create a LiGRE account in order to accept your invitation.

Storage Space

Located under Project Summary, Storage Space shows the amount of space taken by your data and codification. All qualitative projects come with 1 gb of storage space. Everything you add to your project is automatically added to your Storage Space. You cannot add data once you have reached your Storage Space limit. You can either delete content or purchase additional space when this occurs.

* Deleted content must be removed from your project’s Recycle Bin in order for you to regain space.

Transcription Time

Transcription Time is located under Storage Space. It shows your remaining automatic transcription time. Automatic transcription time must be purchased in order to have the content of your multimedia data transcribed with LiGRE. You can purchase automatic transcription time by clicking on the “Add” button.

* The Transcription Time that you purchased can be used in all your qualitative projects, which means that you can recover your unused Transcription Time and use it for another project.

** All automatic transcriptions made within a project will be deducted from the Transcription Time of the project’s owner, whether they have been directly requested by him or by project members.


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